Technical specifications

Scope of works:

  • Twin-tube road tunnel under the River Thames, 2 x 1,400 m long,
  • internal diameter 10.66 m, external diameter 11.45 m
  • Access ramps, 600 m in length
  • 8 cross-passages
  • Service buildings at both tunnel portals
  • 1 new footbridge
  • 1 new overbridge for the southbound carriageway of the Blackwall Tunnel

Construction method:

  • TBM tunnelling using an EPB TBM, 2 x 1,120 m
  • TBM diameter 11.8 m,
  • Twith steel fibre reinforced segmental lining,
  • Construction of cross-passages using ground freezing and sprayed concrete lining including rebar reinforded concrete secondary lining, 300 m cut and cover tunnel


  • London Clay, dense sands of the Lambeth Group, dense gravels of the Harwich Formation, River Terrace Deposits

General data

Silvertown Tunnel, London, United Kingdom


Transport for London (TfL), London, United Kingdom


Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG in a Joint Venture

Construction period

2019 to 2025

Construction costs
GBP 945 million

Road tunnel
2,800 m
Construction Method
Tunnelling using an EPB TBM
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