Technical specifications

Scope of works:

Connection of the Düsseldorf main railway station with the airport, the Düsseldorf trade fair center and the Airport City business park, construction of an underground railway station at the airport terminal.

Lot 1: Construction of several civil engineering structures: ramp structures, elevated trough section, bridge in the area of access gate 1 including the associated foundation work as well as construction of an arch-shaped steel-bridge (6-span stell-structure, approx. 480 m long, 12 m wide) using the incremental launching method Track construction and overhead line work, construction of noise barriers

Lot 2: Construction of the excavation pit using anchored diaphragm walls and solider pile shoring, excavation (partly as underwater excavation) and construction of ramp structure and station using the cut-and -cover method (length of the underground station approx. 182 m). Both lots include traffic routing and safety measures during all construction phases and intermediate states as well as the corresponding road construction and dewatering works

Construction method:

Cut-and-cover method


Lower Rhine River Terraces / Gravel - Sand;

General data

Light Rail Line U 81, lots 1 and 2

City of Düsseldorf, Germany

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG in a Joint Venture

Construction period
May 2020 to 2023

Net construction costs
113 Mio. € (total project)


Underground tunnel
Lot 1 and 2 approx. 1.7 km
Construction Method
Cut-and-cover method
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