Technical specifications

Scope of works:

Connection of the municipality of Le Bourget and Le Bourget Airport to the metro system of Paris, 2 TBM-driven metro tunnels

  • length 3.40 km and 2.60 km
  • Internal diameter: 8.70 m
  • external diameter: 9.46 m
  • 2 new metro stations: “Le Bourget Aéroport” (underground) and “Triangle de Gonesse” (above ground) 742 m railway line 7 shafts (6 ventilation-/access shafts and 1 intermediate launching shaft)

Construction method:

  • TBM tunneling using an EPB shield, shield diameter: 9.87 m, with segmental tunnel lining Construction of metro stations “Le Bourget Aéroport“; (diaphragm walls) and “Triangle de Gonesse“ (cut and cover method) Construction of railway line in using the top-down method (530 m) and open construction cut and cover method (212 m)
  • Shaft construction using a VSM (vertical shaft sinking machine) and diaphram walls


  • Sables de Beauchamps (sand with sandstone inclusions), marl, gravel

General data

Grand Paris Express, Line 17, Section 1,
Bonneuil-en-France, France

Société du Grand Paris

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
in joint venture

Construction period
January 2019 to August 2023

Construction costs
approx. € 439 million



Metro tunnel
6.000 m
Construction Method
TBM-tunnelling using an EPB shield

More Information:

The future Grand Paris Metro, the Grand Paris Express, is the largest infrastructure and development project in Europe. The 200-kilometer project will create four new rail lines and 68 stations in the Paris area. Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau has been awarded the contract to build Metro Line 17 as part of a consortium.

The contract with a net value of € 439.4 million includes

  • civil engineering works for the stations Le Bourget Airport and Triangle de Gonesse;
  • a TBM driven tunnel, total length approx. 6 kilometers;
  • construction of a railway line (partly covered and partly open);
  • the civil engineering works at seven other project sites.

The new traffic connection from the capital city to Le Bourget airport will be put into service in 2024, in time for the Olympic Games, and to the Triangle de Gonesse station in 2027. The new metro line will reduce travelling time significantly and improve the transport network in the greater Paris area.: Travelling time from Charles de Gaulle Airport to La Défense Airport will be reduced from one hour to 35 minutes. The connection between Le Bourget Airport and La Courneuve Six Routes will reduce the journey from 35 to five minutes.

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