Technical specifications

Project description

  • 95 m preliminary cut, preliminary cut approx. 35,000 m³
  •  30 m north portal structure

462m tunnel constructed by the mining method:

  • Top heading and bench/invert heading in Tertiary hilly terrain
  • Spile canopy support system approx. 300 m
  • “Dry” tunnelling due to a substantial lowering of the groundwater table
  • Tunnel route runs partly through built-up areas

12 m shaft construction:

  • 2 tunnel blocks in open cut construction
  • Bored pile excavation (pile lengths up zo approx. 30 m)
  • Bracing at 4 levels and 2 excavation levels (tunnel / service building)
  • 179 m top-down method using bored piles

Deviations in geology identified subsequently:

  • Impacts: Bored pile design / bracing / foundation of stream crossings /
  • subsoil improvement in the Moosach area / additional time required / crossing of Moosach stream and construction of a diversion channel
  • 192 m open cut construction method with south portal structure and trough structure (ramp): Unstable soil (peat), consolidation fill requiring
  • a waiting time over 6 months
  • Underwater excavation partly in peat
  • Underwater concrete base anchored with Gewi piles
  • Inner diameter: approx. 10.4 m
  • Max. cover: approx. 10 m

Excavation cross-section: approx. 100 m²

  • Length = 328 m, A = 13.5 – 18.3 m²

Construction method
Conventional excavation after substantial lowering of the groundwater table, civil engineering structure constructed by the top-down method using boring piles, open-cut method and trough in bored pile excavations

Tunnelling using mining techniques in Tertiary hilly terrain north of Munich, top-down method and open cut construction in the transition area mainly in Quartenary soils, foundation lying on Tertiary soil

General data

Tunnel Vötting

City of Freising, Germany

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG as technical leader of a Joint Venture

Construction period
2017 to 2021

Construction costs
58,84 Mio. € (total project)

Road tunnel
850 m
Construction Method
Tunnel excavator, top down method, open cut method
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