Technical specifications

Scope of work

  • single-track railway tunnel with a widened section allowing the railway line to be split into 2 tracks
  • 14 trough blocks
  • 13 tunnel blocks
  • total length 353 m.

Construction method:

  • open cut method
  • section-by-section construction in 29 construction phases
  • crossing of 9 railway tracks while maintaining railway operations, with auxiliary bridges being installed in the tracks for this purpose
  •  Construction sequence of the tunnel blocks: base slab, concreting of the roof slab on a supporting structure 2.5m beneath its desired final position under the auxiliary bridges, lifting of the roof slabs into the desired final position using 6 jacks, concreting of the walls using a pump.


  • sand, gravel

General data

Neu-Isenburg Junction

RTW Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

Construction period
09/2022 – 09/2026

Net construction costs
€ 30 million



Railway tunnel for regional rail transport
353 m
Construction Method
open cut method
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