Technical specifications

Within the scope of the flood protection programme for the River Nahe, the Federal Land of Rhineland-Palatinate is planning to relocate a dyke north of Bretzenheim and to strengthen the existing flood protection dyke in Langenlonsheim. To seal the flood protection dykes, a one-phase cut-off wall was built. The condition of the soil allowed excavation with a crawler-excavator at wall depths of up to 7 m with a hydraulic arm and backhoe.

The guide walls were constructed as mobile guide walls with prefabricated guide wall elements of HEB (broad flinched beams) 300 profiles welded to steel plates. The clear distance is approx. 0.63m. On the work level, which was provided 20 cm above top edge of the cut-off wall, the guide wall elements were placed on top, braced against each other with spacers and fixed by ground stakes.

The guide wall elements were placed by using a crawler-excavator or wheeled loader after the cut-off wall material had sufficiently hardened. The cut-off wall material SOLIDUR 275 was supplied to the site in silo trucks ready-mixed and blown into the silo. The suspension was mixed in a mixing plant, type MAT with a capacity of approx. 30 m³/h.

General data

Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung GmbH Co.KG, Kelsterbach

Struktur-und Genehmigungsdirektion Süd

Contract value
720.000 €

Construction period
Dezember 2013 - April 2014

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