Technical specifications

E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH operates a granulate landfill for granulated material from melting chambers from coal-fired power plant block-units on the premises of the Staudinger Power Plant in Großkrotzenburg.

With the extension of the operating permit, among others, a vertical encapsulation of the granulate landfill was required as an additional safety measure. For this purpose, a sealing wall was foreseen with integration into the horizontal water log consisting of clays. An 80 cm wide single -phase diaphragm cut-off wall was built which was sunk to a depth of 22 m.

Thus, a 2 m integration in the slightly permeable clay layer (with intermediate layers of coarse clay and sand) was provided. A total of 9,800 m² were built which corresponds to a perimeter length of approx. 670 m. The requirements for the sealing wall material and the quality of the sealing wall itself, including the guidance walls, were high. These were taken from a quality plan with all test routines.

To check the sealing wall, material samples from the fresh suspension and suspension samples from various depths were taken and subjected to rheological testing. Subsequently, completion core samples from the sealing wall were taken and also examined. All requirements with regard to the rheological tests and the examinations of the hardened sealing wall material were fulfilled in all parts of the sealing wall so that the sealing wall could be handed over to the client without any defects and to his satisfaction.

General data

ARGE Köster GmbH / Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

E.ON Kraftwerke, Gelsenkirchen

Contract value
1,4 Mio. €

Construction period
November 2011 - October 2012

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