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Jet Grouting Method

Jet Grouting Method

When using the get grouting method, the soil structure is dissolved by means of a high-energy cutting jet (water or cement suspension, in some cases coated with compressed air) and some of its fine components are extracted. The coarser components are mixed with a cement suspension (grout) and this mixture then hardens in the building ground. This method serves to stabilize and seal the building ground and it can be used for soil improvement, underpinning of buildings and for horizontal or vertical sealing of construction pits. Cylindrical structures or cylinder segments can be built. Depending on the building ground, the diameter of the cylindrical elements can be influenced by varying the writing extraction and rotating speed of the jet rod and by the pump pressure. This method can be used for nearly all kinds of soil, whereas non-cohesive soils are more suitable for the jet grouting method than cohesive soils.

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