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Bored piles

Bored piles

Bored piles are one of the most common deep foundation elements. They serve to transfer loads from structural loads into load-bearing soils. Bored piles are used as cylindrical foundation elements or sheeting elements to secure construction pit walls. Bored piles can either be installed as individual piles, in groups or as pile walls. Overlapping bored piles can also serve as sealing. Bored piles can be driven with low vibration in all soil types. The drilling hole can be secured either by pipework or by a supporting liquid. In stable soils bored piles can be driven without any pipework or supporting liquid. The efficient rotary drilling method is often used, but it is also possible to drive the piles by means of rope grabs and hydraulic piping. After the drilling has been carried out, the reinforcement is put in place and the concrete poured in using the tremie method. To increase the load-bearing capacity, the base of the pile can be increased. Alternatively, it is also possible to carry out basis or shaft grouting. Deformation-resistant bored pile walls can either be installed as overlapping, tangent or discontinuous bored pile walls depending on static and sealing requirements. In the case of discontinuous bored pile walls, the space between the piles is preferably secured with shotcrete.

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