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Topping out ceremony for the Fehmarnbelt link’s tunnel factory

The installation of the roof on the first of the three production halls for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s concrete elements is now complete. A topping out ceremony at the Rødbyhavn construction site marked the event for the 1,000 workers.

On Wednesday 8 June 2022, Femern A/S and the main contractor, FLC, held a topping out
ceremony at the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s main construction site in Rødbyhavn on Lolland.
The Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s 217m long concrete elements will be cast in the three production
halls. The roof and facades of the first hall are now in place.

The traditional Danish topping out ceremony marked the event for the many hundreds of
workers who are employed on the project. Spirits were high both at the state-owned client
company, Femern A/S and at the main contractor consortium, Fehmarn Link Contractors.

“This factory is a visible proof of what exceptional engineering and solid craftsmanship can
create. Everyone who is involved in the construction of this mega project can be proud of
their contribution to the construction of a link that will benefit many future generations,” said
Henrik Vincentsen, CEO, Femern A/S.

”Today is a special day as we celebrate the many hundreds of workers who have worked
hard to build the world's largest tunnel element factory. We still have many years of work
ahead, but today we pause for a moment to admire the factory, and the great effort it symbolizes,” said Sébastien Bliaut, CEO, FLC.

The tunnel factory lies at the heart of the production of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. When completed, it will occupy around 1 million m2 of the construction site. The meticulously constructed and climate-controlled halls will help to ensure that the tunnel elements harden
evenly and are of the highest quality. This is particularly important, as the Fehmarnbelt tunnel has been designed with a service life of at least 120 years.

The halls are constructed by Jutland-based Give Steel A/S. CEO Torben Larsen travelled
to Rødbyhavn from the company’s factory in Brande to celebrate what is the largest project
in the company’s history.

”We are proud that this factory has been built using our steel structure and man power, and
not least that the project is carried out with focus on social responsibility. For the young
people who got a job or an apprenticeship in connection with the project, this day is not just
a topping-out ceremony – it is an important milestone in their working lives,” said Torben
Larsen, CEO, Give Steel.

There is, however, still some way to go before the 73,500 tonne tunnel elements leave the
factory for the dry dock and then to their final destination in the Fehmarnbelt. The first of thesix production lines is expected to be ready by the end of the year and the immersion of the
tunnel elements will begin next year.

For more information, please contact:
Jens Villemoes, Head of Media Relations, Femern A/S, +45 33 41 44 27


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