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New contract for area south: 2nd construction phase for Munich new housing estate Oberwiesenfeld

ARGE SOW II with its partners Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG and ZECH Roh- und SF Bau GmbH was awarded the contract for the construction of the 2nd construction phase of the new Oberwiesenfeld housing estate in Munich. The contract volume with a net order value of around € 23.5 million includes the construction of 269 flats and two day-care centres. With this project, the client "Stadibau GmbH" is realising the largest new state housing construction project in Munich to date. On the site of the then architectural competition for Olympia 2018, 611 flats for state employees and four day-care centres for children are being built. The approximately seven-hectare residential quarter will be extensively landscaped and completely car-free. The attractive design of the neighbourhood with generous green spaces favours social contacts and encounters between the new residents of the neighbourhood. ARGE SOW had already been awarded the contract for the first construction phase with 342 flats and two day-care centres. Construction of the second phase is expected to begin in June 2022.

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