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Europagarten Tunnel in Frankfurt open to traffic

After a construction period of nearly 23 months, the Europagarten Tunnel in Frankfurt was opened to traffic.
The Head of Municipal Department for Transport, Klaus Oesterling, Michaela Kraft, Head of the Municipal Department for Road Construction and Site Development, and Thaddäus Zajac, Managing Director of Aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG, opened the tunnel during an official press conference. The traffic tunnel, which was designed both as a road and railway tunnel, passes beneath the new “Europaviertel” quarter and thus makes way for a coherent green area, the “Europagarten” (Europa garden). Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, Area Centre built the tunnel as part of a joint venture.

aurelis Asset GmbH in Eschborn, which is represented by aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG, is the client of this project. A covered section of 395 m was built in three separate tunnel tubes.
The contract comprised the construction of the tunnel with tunnel portals, service buildings and adjacent retaining walls, the road construction works as well as the operation and traffic-related equipment of the two outer tubes for the road tubes. The contract value (W&F share) amounts to approx. 21 million €.

In future, the Europaviertel will probably be one of the most significant areas of Frankfurt, explained the Head of Municipal Department for Transport, Klaus Oesterling (SPD – Social Democratic Party). „The construction of the tunnel is therefore one of the most important construction projects in Frankfurt“, said Oesterling. The tunnel under the “Europagarten” is an important element in the provision of continuous traffic access to the “Europaviertel” quarter for residents and visitors.

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