Technical specifications

Length Tunnel
323 m

Length Trough
622 m

Temporary Sheet Walls
11,000 m²

Permanent Sheet Walls
11,000 m²

Temporary Anchor
9,000 m

Permanent Anchor
17,000 m

Soil Movement
114,000 m³

20,500 m³

3,900 t

General data

DB Netz AG

Contract value
€ 19 million [in joint venture]

Construction period
04/2005 to 12/2007

With the construction of the City Tunnel in Leipzig a link will be established between Leipzig's two dead-end stations Hauptbahnhof Leipzig (central station) and Bayerischer Bahnhof. It will clearly optimize the operating schedules for the Leipzig hub, initially especially for the suburban and regional rail transport.

Contract Section A includes the construction of a retained cut and a closed tunnel using the cut and cover method for the southern ramp to Bayerischer Bahnhof on a length of approx. 1 km. On the first 400 m, the southern access structure is constructed as a retained cut. Permanently anchored, watertight steel sheet pile walls will serve as retaining walls.

On the following 300 m, the structure descends deeper and is situated below the groundwater table. For the execution of the construction work an excavation pit with watertight tied-back sheet pile walls and/or diaphragm walls was built. The rectangular-shaped tunnel was then built within the dry excavation pit.

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