Technical specifications

Scope of work

  • 7,391 m long double-track railway tunnel
  • Excavated area: 120 m² - 150 m²
  • 2 intermediate tunnels serving as points of attack
  • Inclined and parallel tunnels
  • Length: 4,395 m, excavated area: 30 m²
  • Rescue shaft, depth: 21 m

Construction method

  • Drill and blast method and tunnel excavator
  • Waterproofing and inner lining


  • Thuringian slate mountains
  • Clay/silt rock

General data

German Unity Transport Project VDE8
Upgraded and New Railway Lines between Nuremberg and Berlin
(Nuremberg-Ebensfeld-Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle-Berlin railway line) Silberberg Tunnel

DB Netz AG [German rail company]

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
as commercial leader of a joint venture

Construction period
2009 to 2012

Construction costs
approx. € 264 million

Railway tunnel, double-track
7,391 m
Construction Method
TBM tunneling using 2 Mixshields (slurry shields)

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