Technical specifications

The breakthrough of the target shaft UKK (Wehrhahn line) into the existing 1S was carried out under the protection of a pipe umbrella consisting of 25 steel pipes Ø= 139.7 mm l = 4.0 m which was installed in the restricted space available with a 2-phase injection of microfine cement prior to installing the pipes.

The grouting pressures, grouting quantities and pumping rate were recorded and evaluated fully automatically so that additional grouting could be done, if required. Beforehand, a vertical compensation injection with hydraulic binding agents (Blitzdämmer) was carried out through 24 steel collar pipes which were integrated in the diaphragm wall over a surface area of 250 m².

General data

UKK Düsseldorf JV

Stadt Düsseldorf (municipality)

Contract value
345,000 €

Construction period
February 2013 to May 2014

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