Technical specifications


  • Construction of the complete harbour stairway, including bored pile foundations and water intake points,
  • Connection of “Kulturinsel” (culture island) to the promenade by means of a reinforced concrete bridge,
  • faced brickwork embankment with precast reinforced concrete elements, approx. 1,700 m² exposed, three-coloured, surface-treated and partly rounded concrete surface,
  • Construction and installation of the weir system with observation platform and transformer house at the back while adhering to exposed concrete requirements
  • Construction of two slipways
  • Construction of mooring posts with spread foundation at the bottom of the lake for a planned restaurant ship
  • Anchorage of marking lines for the planned rowing facility on the floor of the lake.
  • Transportation and installation of a historically significant converter of the former steel industry
  • Effect lighting and electrotechnical equipment of various kinds for the boat docks

Pedestrian bridges

  • 3 bridges identical in construction over the River Emscher
  • Steel-arch system with suspended roadway slab
  • Abutment on bored pile foundations


  • approx. 350 m with angular retaining walls of waterproof concrete with heights of up to approx. 5.50 m
  • partly rounded and on bored pile foundations approx. 350 m in the harbour area with sheet piling
  • partly anchored back „Kulturinsel“ (culture island) with angular retaining walls
  • partly rounded with exposed concrete

Structural concrete
a total of approx. 4,200 m³

500 t

Steel structure for bridge
100 t


General data

Client JV
PHOENIX See Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Barcelonaweg 14, 44269 Dortmund
Kronprinzenstraße 24, 45128 Essen

Contract value
28.0 m € (JV)

Construction period

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