Technical specifications

General data

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) / DB Projektbau

Contract value
€ 13 million

Construction period
1/2003 to 05/2007

In the course of the expansion / electrification of the Lübeck-Hamburg railway line the level crossings with safety barriers will be abolished to ensure and improve traffic flow. The very confined circumstances as well as the integration of the roads and the neighbouring residential buildings made it necessary to change the railway line and raise it on an embankment and at the same time to construct the crossing as an underpass under the embankment.

Road and passenger traffic was maintained during the construction period by means of auxiliary bridges and temporary level crossings. At the same time, the construction measure was only allowed to affect rail traffic during very short track possession periods when train services were suspended. In addition to the retained cut structures, a pedestrian tunnel, the Hamburg-Tonndorf station on the regional train line as well as the Dammwiesenstrasse railway flyover were built. Apart from the technically challenging construction work, the project was characterised by high demands on logistics and planning.

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