Technical specifications

Project description

  • 1 double-track railway tunnel
  • Total length 2,613 m
    of which a first part of approx. 80 m is driven in mining technique
  • 1,820 m in hard rock with TBM and 713 m in soft rock
  • Inner diameter tunnel 11.19 m
  • Drilling diameter 12,79 m
  • 3 rescue and escape tunnels with the respective shafts
  • As well as 5 bays for technical purposes in the tunnel

Construction method

  • TBM-driven tunnel with convertible TBM
    in hard rock as well as in soft rock(slurry mode)
  • Shield diameter 12.75 m
  • Double lining with tunnel segments as outer lining
    and in-situ concrete lining as inner lining
    with external sealing with a thickness of 30 cm each
  • The rescue tunnels are constructed in mining technique


  • Effingen beds (claystone partly cemented)
  • Lower freshwater Molasse Gravel in soft rock sections




General data

Eppenberg Tunnel Project
Part 1 „Tunnel in mining technique (conventional method)“
Railway tunnel
Double track Four-track extension between Aarau and Olten

SBB Infrastruktur

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
in a joint venture

Construction period:
July 2015 to July 2019

Construction costs
€ 80.8 million

Double-track Railway tunnel
Lenght: 2,613 m
Construction Method
TBM drive with hydroshield (slurry mode)
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