Technical specifications

Lot 1: Driving of access tunnel

  • L approx. 80 m and start cavern
  • V approx. 1,000 m³
  • Construction of 2 pressure partitions(walls)
  • Extension of access tunnel incl. tunnel portal
  • Infrastructure provisions

Construction method

  • Drill and blast
  • SCL inner lining


  • Mainly dolomite

Lot 2: driving of target shaft

  • D = 7 m
  • T approx. 40 m
  • Target cavern L approx. 15 m

Construction method 

  • Drill and blast
  • SCL inner lining


  • Mainly dolomite

Lot 3: TBM driven seepage water tunnel

  • D = 3.0 m
  • L approx. 160 m

Construction method

  • Pipe jacking with reinforced concrete pipes
  • L = 2.8 m
  • Installation of two soft gel seals respectively in the transition area between rock and dam fill

General data

Sylvenstein Dam BA (construction lot) 3
construction of a new seepage water tunnel
Lots 1-3

Wasserwirtschaftsamt (water authority) Weilheim for the Free State of Bavaria

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

Construction period
March 2013 to July 2014

Construction costs
approx. € 5.6 million




Seepage water tunnel
160 m
Construction Method
Pipe Jacking
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