Technical specifications

Project description

  • two-lane road tunnel, L = 1,100 m, A = 85 m²
  • 1 breakdown bay
  • 2 escape tunnels L= 600 m, A = 25 m²

Construction method
Combination of tunnel excavator and drill and blast


General data

Völkermarkt Bypass, two-lane road tunnel

Land Kärnten, Abteilung 17 - Brücken und Tunnels
[State of Carinthia, Division 17 - Bridges and Tunnels]

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
in a joint venture

Construction period
2007 to 2009

Construction costs
€ 23 million

Road Tunnel, double-track
1,100 m
Construction Method
Drill and blast method in combination with tunnel excavator
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