Technical specifications

Project description

  • double-track railway tunnel KL=1,695 m, closed construction method L=1035 m, A =110-125 m²
  • cut and cover method L=400m,
  • top-down method L=210 m
  • 3 emergency exits Open land section, L=5,898 m,
  • earthworks, drainage works, noise protection, accompanying paths, retention areas


  • 1 underpass structure
  • 1 stormwater bridge

Construction method


  • closed construction method: combination of tunnel excavator and drill and blast
  • cut and cover and top-down method with separate bored pile sheeting


  • Quaternary: Sand, gravel;
  • Neogene: sandstone, silt / clay/ marl- rock, silt

General data

Railway tunnel, single-track
2 * 2,280 m
Construction Method
Drill and blast method in combination with tunnel excavator
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