Technical specifications

Project description

  • Conversion and extension of the suburban railway station at main station, enlargement of the platforms across the DB (German Railway) track field, tunnel ceiling cover 2.5 m
  • Replacement of bored pile walls and outer walls of the existing structure by a beam-column system connected monolithically to the existing structure as well as to the inner lining of the platform extension.

Construction method

  • Mining technique (conventional method) protected by a pipe umbrella, length 46 m, manned pipe jacking with forward shield; diameter 1,600 mm two start shafts Inner lining of watertight reinforced concrete
  • Enlargement using conventional methods in two partial cross-sections (roof section and then base) with SCL lining, max. depth of advance 1.0 m, jet underpinning approx. every 7.0 m


  • Coarse clay with peat inclusions
  • marl
  • area with high probability of explosive ordnance

General data

Stadtbahn Dortmund, Suburban railway line I, Lot 20
reconstruction and extension of suburban

Stadt (Municipality) Dortmund
(Tiefbauamt - Building authority for civil engineering)

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

Construction period
2014 bis 2017

Net construction costs
€ 10.2 million

Reconstruction and extension of suburban railway
46 m
Construction method
Mining technique
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