Technical specifications

Scope of work

  • Total length 120 m, approx. 75 m drive under historical Kaufhof-Building
  • Connection to station Heinrich-Heine-Allee
  • Tunnel with segmental lining Lot 1

Construction method 

  • Start- and reception cavern with diphragm walls
  • Navigated horizontal drilling R = 350 m for ground freezing
  • Excavation with tunnel excavator in two segments with shortcrete

General data

Wehrhahnlinie Lot 2

Landeshauptstadt (regional federal land capital of) Düsseldorf
Amt für Verkehrsmanagement (authority for traffic management)

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
as technical leader of a joint venture

Construction period
2007 to 2016

Construction costs
€ 74 million

Metro tunnel
Length 120 m
Construction Method
Tunnel excavator
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