Technical specifications

Technical processing / safety coordination / site coordination: Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG

Canal overpass with North and South trough: 14,800 m³ concrete, 1,832 t reinforcement, 490 m total length

Earthworks, dry / clearance /landscaping / dewatering: 850,000 m³ excavation and refill, 2.2 km total length new waterway

Dredging works with clay sealing and armour stones: 100,000 m³ dredging works, 150,000 t armour stones, 54,000 m² clay sealing, under water, 81,000 m² clay sealing, dry

Microtunnel [open channel DN 800]: 245 m length

Security works old Canal bridge [HDI / needling]: 5,000 m³ HDI, 960 needles, 2,160 m² shotcrete

Sheet piling on land /from water: 690 t on land, 600 t in water

Track construction with cable civil engineering [BUG] Emergency gates: 3,300 m³ concrete, 390 t reinforcement, 171 t steel

Demolition of old canal bridge



General data

Project: Construction of the new HOW Havel-Oder-Waterway, [Eberswalde], Highest canal section, lot G 1, HOW-km 67.292 – 69.500, Special lots 4 to 6

Client: Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt, (Water and Shipping Authority), Schneidemühlenweg 21, 16225 Eberswalde

Contractor: Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG,  Area North, Heidenkampsweg 66, 20097 Hamburg

Construction period: 22.12.2003 to 05.02.2007

Contract value: 26.25 m €


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