Technical specifications


  • In-situ concrete 10,500 m³
  • Constructional steel 1,400 tons
  • Reinforced concrete walls 7,500 m²
  • Reinforced concrete ceilings 770 m
  • Reinforced concrete columns 12,700 m³
  • Construction pit 1,700 vibrated stone columns
  • Reinforced concrete base slab 6,000 m²
  • Sewage pipes DN 100 to DN 600 2,400 m
  • Total floor area 15,200 m²

General data

Structural Work for the Construction of a Hospital in Aichach

Kliniken an der Paar vertreten durch Landratsamt Aichach-Friedberg, Aichach

Contract value
approx. € 4,8 m

Construction period
June - December 2015

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