Technical specifications

  • Twin unit gross electrical output 2 x 820 MW
  • Seal and diaphragm walls 35,000 m²
  • Pile foundations approx. 40,000 linear meters

Concrete and reinforced concrete works

  • Concrete approx. 275,000 m³
  • Area with formwork approx. 470,000 m²
  • Reinforcement approx. 60,000 t

Coal deposit

  • Inner diameter 105 m
  • Height up to 30 m
  • Foundation slab, thickness 2.00 and 3.00 m
  • Stair towers, height 120 m

General data

Client Vattenfall
Contract value 235 Mio. € (ARGE)
Construction period Dezember 2007- April 2013



After a construction period of approximately five years, the main construction works for the coal-fired power plant in Hamburg-Moorburg were accepted and handed over to the client on April 24, 2013.

The twin unit of the coal-fired power plant has a total gross electric output of 2 x 820 MW. The power plant is situated on a small part of the Hamburg port area. The construction works started in December 2007. In the first six months, comprehensive special foundation works such as diaphragm walls with a total of 35,000 m² and pile foundation works with approx. 40,000 m had to be carried out. The concrete and reinforced concrete works with a total of approx. 275,000 m³ concrete and approx. 470,000 m² formwork area as well as approx. 60,000 t of reinforcement to be placed were mainly carried out within the first twelve months, i.e. until early summer 2009, which was when the first boiler columns were placed. During that time, the annual construction value was more than 100 m € and the monthly construction value peaked at approx 10 to 11 m €.

Besides the enormous dimensions of the round coal silos with an inner diameter of 105 m and a height of up to 30 m, the thick base slabs for the main facilities with thicknesses of 2.00 and 3.00 m, the 120 m high stair towers, all individual structures were carried out on time despite extremely tight deadlines. This was a big challenge with regard to the scheduling and logistics of the entire project. Therefore, for example, the entire formwork was supplied and used just in time as there was no storage area available. Furthermore, the concrete was produced on the power plant premises by two mobile mixing plants with capacities of 100 m³/h each.

At its peak, up to 800 employees were working on site. The project management, work preparation and the accounting was also done on site.

The project director of client Vattenfall explicitly praised the adherence to deadlines and the technical efficiency of the works of Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau.

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