Technical specifications

5,500 m³

Formwork area for walls and ceilings – in-situ concrete
12,500 m³

Ceiling of prefabricated elements
12,700 m²

Concrete and reinforced concrete
6.000 m³

Reinforcing steel
800 t

Steel construction
105 t

Industrial area floor of reinforced concrete
3.300 m²

General data

Construction of a new showroom for Autohaus Nefzger (car dealership)

Nefzger GmbH & Co. OHG, 
Nonnendammallee 62, 12629 Berlin-Spandau

ARGE Nefzger
Wayss und Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
Straße der Jugend 58, 14974 Ludwigsfelde

Construction period (shell)
August 2013 to August 2014

Contract value Nefzger JV
12.4 m €

Share – JV (shell) Nefzger
4.5 m €

On the Siemensstadt premises in Berlin-Spandau, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, as technical leader of the Nefzger Berlin JV, built a new car dealership with showrooms and service areas, garages, offices and a storage facility for Nefzger Gmbh & Co. OHG. The JV was awarded the contract for all the work required for a turn-key construction of the building. The site is situated in the water reserve zone 111 A. The required earthworks were carried out in accordance with the directives. Existing contaminated soils > Z1.2 were disposed of. The building was built in massive construction. The floor slabs function as rigid horizontal plates to transfer the horizontal loads to the reinforcing components. While planning the new building according to the client’s requirements, various constructional alternatives and alternatives for its use were considered. The roof slab is calculated for load capacities of car parks and vehicular traffic. For a second optional construction phase, loads for two additional standard floors were also considered.


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