Technical specifications

Arched Bridge

  • Superstructure dimensions 17.00 m
  • Reinforcement 16 t
  • Concrete 60 m³
  • Construction period August – December 2011: 4 months

Bridge over the River Wupper

  • Superstructure 72.00 m
  • Reinforcement 13 t
  • Concrete 55 m³
  • Weatherproof steel 90 t
  • Construction period August 2011 – May 2012: 10 months


  • Reinforcement 3 t
  • Concrete 30 m³
  • Construction period October 2011 – January 2012: 4 months

General data

Project: Ludwig Rehbock Park, Leverkusen
: Stadt Leverkusen Technische Betriebe der Stadt Leverkusen AöR
Contract value
: 1,3 m €
Construction period
: 2011-2012


More information

Arched Bridge

The bearing capacity of the existing arched bridge from the 1930ies was limited to 6 t. Since this bridge is the only access to the park with playgrounds on the left bank of the River Wupper it had to be refurbished to achieve a bearing capacity of 30 t. This is required for the vehicles used to replace the sand for the playground or for tree maintenance in the park.

The old arch was provided with a superstructure of reinforced concrete. The new bridge is a frame in the longitudinal section and a trough of in-situ concrete in the cross section and has a span length of approx.17 m.

The lateral bearing parapets have openings in which the ornaments from the old walls are re-integrated.

Bridge over the River Wupper

The stability of the existing bridge over the River Wupper was significantly limited. Furthermore, the old foundations of the bridge were situated in the flood plain of the river and stood in the way of the unhindered runoff of the River Wupper during floods.

The planned new construction improves the flood runoff, since 7 piers of various construction types and widths will be replaced by only two piers with a width of 60 cm each. The distance between the railings of the new bridge is 3.00 m in the lateral areas, which are planned as steel trough cross-sections, and 3.20 m in the centre of the bridge. The steel construction of the superstructure was built of weatherproof steel. In the centre of the bridge grates provide a direct drainage from the bridge into the River Wupper.


The existing „Himmelsleiter“ steps were endangered by a landslide. Since the refurbishment of the steps was excluded for cost reasons, they were completely dismantled and will be rebuilt in accordance with the requirements of modern steps (e.g. intermediate landings, handrails).

The new steps will resemble the design of the old ones, apart from the walking width of the steps, which will be increased to 2.50 m. At the longest intermediate landing the block steps overhang to enlarge the landing. Here, seats are built from the block step material and the seating will be covered with hardwood.
Pulpit and pergola will be preserved. Loose natural stone masonry and cover plates will be grouted or solidified. All surfaces are cleaned with high-pressure water jets and steel brushes.

Demolition and rebuilding of Ludwig Rehbock Park in Leverkusen-Opladen, Lot 1-3

"Over the River Wupper to the „Himmelsleiter“ steps"

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