Technical specifications

Reinforced fill, Total height: up to 8.50 m, 40,000 m vertical drains, 91,000 m² geotextile, 55,000 m³ gravel sand, 235,000 m³ cohesive soil
Bridges 01 and 02, Type of construction: Bridge 01: four-span bridge, Bridge 02: three-span bridge, Each bridge has 2 separate superstructures constructed as prestressed double-web T-beam bridges with 2 lanes each
Total lengths: Bridge 01: 93.20 m, Bridge 02: 63.20 m
Lane width: 11.50 m
Spans: 25.50 m
Height of abutments and piers: 6.50 m
Superstructure support: Elastomer support (Abutment in bridge 02 accessible)
Main quantities
7,000 m³
Reinforcing steel: 700 to
Prestressing steel: 100 to

General data

Project: Datze Crossing, A 20 Motorway
Auftraggeber: DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßen-Planungs- und Bau GmbH für Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Auftragnehmer: Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
Bauzeit: September 1997 bis Februar 2001

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