Technical specifications

  • 37 km section between Augsburg and Munich
  • Six-lane extension (three lanes in each direction plus an emergency lane)
  • Roadway width: 35.5 m
  • 60 motorway bridges
  • Operation and maintenance of the section (30 year concession agreement)

General data

A8 motorway, 52 km section


Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG in a joint venture with Berger Bau, Trapp, Fluor

Construction period
06/2007 - 12/2010

Contract value
approx. 250 m € (for the consortium)

A historic moment for Germany:
start of the first PPP motorway

The experience and special know-how of the Royal BAM Group made it perfect: under the label „autobahnplus“, BAM PPP and Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG together with further international consortium partners have built the first privately financed motorway in Germany. And for this reason, Nico de Vries, board member of Royal BAM Group, made a point of taking part in the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony. The pilot project comprised the upgrade of a 37 kilometer long section of the A8 motorway to a six-lane motorway. Also included in the contract are the operation and maintenance of the section for a period of 30 years.

autobahnplus A8 GmbH, as project company took over the concession for this first “A-Modell” (motorway model) in Germany, the 52 km long motorway section Augsburg/Munich, including the Eschenried junction.

During the 30 year operation and maintenance period, the project company, as contract partner of Autobahndirektion Südbayern (South Bavarian motorway direction), will manage the entire project and is also responsible for the financing of the project. From start of the concession the A8 construction joint venture carried out the works for the project company.

In the course of construction a 37 km long section of the A8 motorway was upgraded by 2010. In four construction phases, the roadway was broadened to three lanes plus an emergency lane in each direction. To ensure that the traffic could continue to flow well during construction, two lanes in each direction had to be provided – as before - during the entire construction period. Therefore, in a first step the roadway in the direction of Augsburg was temporarily enlarged to a width of 13 m over a length of approx. 20 km. This wide roadway provided the space for the entire traffic in both directions and the actual construction of the three new sections in the direction of Munich could start.

During the approx. three and a half year construction period, for 250 million Euro, an average of 50 metres motorway were built per day, the entire fleet of construction machinery circled the earth 40 times and with the concrete poured (500,000 cubic meters) an over 1,000 metre high skyscraper could have been built. The concrete surface corresponds to 150 soccer pitches, 60 bridges were built and up to 500 skilled workers worked every day and very often also during the night.

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